Dogfights: Making An Overdue Comback

Just try to imagine it. Really put yourself there. Two highly trained half-starved Rottweilers going at it. Winner takes all. That doing it for you? No? well me neither. I can’t imagine a more depraved spectacle and I’ve seen some shit in my day.

but the idea is there, there is something to work with. Myspace paved the road for Facebook, and I think we find ourselves at a similar, and overdue, juncture. Obviously not with dogs, the sacred American animal and man’s best friend, but perhaps with some of man’s acquaintances?

Surely there are some creatures we’d pay to watch tear each other apart. Ocelot Vs 2-dozen humming birds? Rock N’ Roll, I’ll watch that until the we run out of ocelots or humming birds. African elephants Vs. Indian elephants? Great idea, lets finally settle that. Incels Vs. Outcels? I’m not sure the latter exists, but I’d pay the price of admission to watch them fight to the death.

We are kidding our selves to say we’re not still a little into blood sports. Modern decency demands we abstain from full blown gladiatorial bouts, and I agree. But no one said we can’t sit down with our families to watch a collie dog herd sheep into a wood chipper. or something.