4 Tips On Becoming Less Of A Beta Cuck, From Me, The Apex Of Masculinity

Jiu Jitsu. Need I say more? I needn’t, but I will. As this is the first step in your journey towards a manlier future. You must develop a deep fascination with Jiu Jitsu. You must appear unhinged when the topic is broached. you’re a fanatic, and your intensity must be strong enough to scare the people close to you. Step 1 is taking all the eggs that remain in your basket, and dumping them into a combat sport. Going forward, you sir, are all about Jiu Jitsu.
Here are some pointers to get you started:
The proper pronunciation is Joo-Joot-Soo. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu insists it’s pronounced Jee-You-Jit-Soo; and this South American heresy is something you take great issue with.
It’s mostly high kicks and spinning high kicks so the flexibility you built up through yoga, and bending over backwards for the feminist-icon-breadwinner-goddess that is your wife, will come in handy.
A skill Jiu Jitsuanite should be able to kegel all the air out of a room and into his colon, suffocating his opponent and any witnesses.

Learn to whistle real loud.

you’ve heard it at drag shows and vaudeville productions and you’ve always suspected there’s a lot of it at sporting events. Suspicions confirmed, solider. Men who whistle the loudest are the alphas of everything within earshot. A confident whistler should be able to summon another man’s dog to his side. Use this goal as milestone in your studies.

Stop inviting strange men over to your house to copulate with your wife.

You like your bull, and you love seeing your wife’s needs satisfied by him. There is nothing wrong with that. You are normal, you are valid, you are cherished by your community. But you simply can’t continue along this path. It’s time for a change. Going forward, the bull needs to be the one to host these evenings. From now on he doesn’t get to come into your home, wear your glasses, bed your beloved, or comment on your decor. Those days are over. The tables are turned and it’s the bull’s turn to show some hospitality to you, and your charming life partner.

Find betaier-cuckier men, and copulate with their wives.

One of the first things you learn in Jiu Jitsu is how to make use of your surroundings. how to turn a simple kitchen knife or television set into a deadly weapon. Take this lesson and apply it here. What’s around that can help you cuck another man? Your bull, thats what! Take the initiative and ask him for advice. What websites to use? do you wear perfume or cologne? Do you bring chocolate or flowers? If you open up to your bull, he will open up to you. fall in good faith and let him catch you.